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From:          John Musselwhite <musselj@cadvision.com>
Subject:       Re: PIANO RESCALING SOF
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This isn't about rescaling software at all, actually... <g>

> The fastest way I have found to record an old scale is to use 3 people. One
> takes the measurements with the PSCALE tape measure,(metric tape modified as
> per the instructions that come with the PSCALE program), one person to record
> the measurements on the data sheet and one person to move the other end of the
> tape to the next note.

It can be done faster and more accurately with two people. While you're
taking the measurements read them into the voice-activated mini tape
recorder you use (or should be using!) for doing appraisals and estimates
(and general notes) and then play them back as you enter them into the

I might also add that those little tape recorders are the ONLY way to do
inventory whether you're counting parts and tools, home contents or entering
books or CDs into a database.

For those who have never used one for an appraisal or estimate they are
wonderful! As you inspect the piano just talk into the recorder, giving
measurements or making comments about specific defects or positive notes.
You never have to fumble with pen and paper making undecipherable notes, or
fail to write something down because you're "sure you'll remember it". Then
when you're back at the computer to do the final report you have EVERYTHING
right there on the cassette.


John Musselwhite, RPT
Calgary, Alberta Canada


What a great idea...I carry one with me in the car for
preserving my moments of inspirations but I hadn't thought about
using it during appraisals etc...

in my former net life i was pnotuner@gnn.com

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