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For years, I've been creating two small clear plexi templates with index holes drilled through to a drilled "dimple" on the front flange of the plate at the bass end and treble end. The plastic is 3/16" x 3" x 2" and is fitted to the rim and stretcher in the corners before making the index. The dimples are almost invisible if you don't know they're not supposed to be there. I used to do what you're describing and what Ron says he does until coming up with this way. You only need two points of the "triangle" to locate the plate again.




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> What are you guys using for plate relocation in the soundboard area?  I've?

> been drilling two 1/4" 90 degree holes (one at the bass end of the tail, the?

> other at the treble end) through the plate, through the panel and into the?

> rim; and then using 1/4" drill stock as pilots.  Are you doing something?

> similar??

> Will Truitt?

Exactly that, then substituting upside down tuning pins for 
final assembly.?

Ron N?


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