compression ridges in New Baldwin grand

Richard Brekne
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 11:06:38 +0200

Don wrote:

> Hi Ric,
> I look at c6 to be 8 seconds. I consider that a minimum standard--not
> tremendous. Different strokes for different folks? *grin*.
> At 01:27 AM 9/26/2003 +0200, you wrote:
> >Don... 8 seconds at A6 is tremendous. At A4 this has well in excess of 12
> >seconds... as do most pianos I know about
> >

Yes.... so if I get 8 seconds all the way up a major 6th higher then your note for
8 seconds.... then tremendous does pretty good. What good does it do for me to
mention A6 sustain time if you are going to compare it first to 2 octaves down,
and then to a major 6th down ?

Again... 8 seconds at A6 is tremendous.... especially for a 80-100 year old
Steinway C... which has by no means been treated all that great through the years.

If the compression theory is correct... to the degree of correctness claimed..
then such exceptions simply do not, can not occur.  The theory and the exception
are mutually exclusive.

About the only thing I can go along with about the compressionist theory so far...
is that it may be demonstratable that one can achieve increased sustain and power
from a soundboard over a longer period of time by using a ribbed crowned board. As
to how much this matters or is percieved as the defining factor of << good sound
>>.... well thats just another matter entirely... as the market clearly ....
crystal clearly shows.

And we havent even gotten into the whole buisness of whether or not a RC board can
be made to sound just like a CC board or not..... there is a bunch of
speculation... and some of it based on apparently solid ground.... but nothing
shown conclusively. So until there is.. then the compressionists leave themselves
open for all manner of dissagreement here as well.

Look guys.. its not me trying to prove something or not... I find the whole matter
fascninating to be sure... but if you are going to show conclusively something to
be true.. then y'all gots to do better, cause the woild don't seem to be taking

Personally, I believe that if the RB board is fated to take over as it were... it
will be purely a matter of economics that drive the change.

My 2bits


Richard Brekne
UiB, Bergen, Norway

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