OT-somewhat---Calculating string tensions, (yes I changed the subject title<G>)

Joseph Garrett joegarrett@earthlink.net
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 20:38:08 -0700

Paul said:
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Does anyone know if the piano string calculations, the formulas from Dave
Roberts, work for guitar strings as well?  I think the plain wire is the
same steel as piano wire. Percent of breaking strength, pitch and tension
are what we are looking for.  Thanks

Paul C

Yes, it does work. I used Our ScaleMaster program to calculate the strings
for my 5 string bass. Made the darned thing play/sound a whole lot better,
once the correct tension/inharmonicity/volume was looked at. It aint perfect
but I suspect it's head and shoulders over what most guitar makers do.
(which, IMO, is guess!<G>)
Best Regards,
Joe Garrett, RPT, (Oregon)
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