Yamaha C7 Scale - treble wire sizes help :(

aMeRy cHaY aquatred_chay@yahoo.com
Wed, 17 Sep 2003 12:37:23 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear list,

I've been having trouble finding the correct wire sizes for my Yamaha C7, even after much enquiry with many technicians here in Singapore and in Australia. Everyone who replied told me my piano has a scaling pattern similar to the C7B with 20 bass, but no one has been able to confirm a the wire sizes for my C7 (older than the C7B series) with a 23 note bass, they say they've never come across this piano before. s/n 1823582 I have called Yamaha in Japan but no one there seems to want to help...and yes, the bridge doesn't have any kind of string size marking.

The lowest treble wire unison - G#-24, 12 bichords, 11 monochords.this piano has 3 pedals (i've seen newer versions with 2 pedals only....strange?)

Anyone familiar with this one?



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