Band Saw Blade Teeth Material

Robert Goodale
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:23:11 -0700

C8 is "carbon steel".  Carbide is hardened "tool steel", typically made of
tungsten and/or vanadium alloys.  Carbide blade teeth are individual
separate units that are literally welded onto the blade.  Carbon steel
blades are stamped out of a single piece of steel.  Carbide blades are far
more expensive but last much longer, typically many times longer.  Carbon
steel blades are expendable and not intended to be sharpened.  Carbide steel
blades can be sharpened, (although this is a task probably best to send out
to a professional than a do-it-yourself).  Regular circular saw blades are
also available in both carbon and carbide steel.  You can visit your local
Home Depot store and compare these two types side by side and clearly see
the difference.

As far as bandsaws themselves go, a quality machine is not cheep.  Expect to
pay at least $1500+ to get into a saw that will have some decent accuracy
and power.  They are one of the most expensive of all shop machines.  I have
a commercial grade Powermatic which has the ability to have blade widths
ranging from 1/4 inch to 2 inches, (it came with a cheep
1-1/2" blade).   The guide will allow a thickness up to 30 inches and it has
a 20 inch throat.  It did however cost me over $2,500.00.  This is a lot of
money but I expect it to last well past my retirement.  You can see it here:

Rob Goodale, RPT
Las Vegas, NV

> Attention Band Saw Material Knowanythings out there in Pianotechland:
> Any info available on the difference between C8 steel and carbide? This is
in reference to materials with which to make bandsaw blade teeth. Is there a
major difference in hardness? How does the C8 compare with traditional
steels used in bandsaw blade construction? I'm starting to accumulate quite
a stack of dull bandsaw blades - this has got to stop! Thanks.
> BTW: How does one dispose of dull bandsaw blades - nasty little critters?
> Also, anyone know of a good heavy-duty, easily-adjustable bandsaw fence
system? I love my Laguna 16HD bandsaw, but even though the supplied fence is
nice and heavy duty, its design does not allow for easy small adjustments to
fence angle (especially) and position. (I've seen the FastTrack System and I
think I am looking for something a bit more heavy-duty.)
> Terry Farrell

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