What type of Tool Case do you use??

John Musselwhite john@musselwhite.com
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 16:37:29 -0600

At 11:47 AM 9/6/2003 -0500, David West wrote:

>Hi folks,  I was just wondering what type of case some of you use?
>Currently, I carry the basics in an old brief case, but its hard to
>organize (me some what of neat freak!)  I've been looking at the
>"ULTIMATE" GENCK Case in the Schaff catalog, $230 bucks though, but
>might help in giving the professional image!?  Well any way, just
>curious.  Have a Great Week-end!!!!!!!!!

I use a "Tool Tech" aluminum  18x13x6 inch case that came with an 
additional 13x9x3.5 inch aluminum case inside it. $40 CDN at Rona Home 
Centres for the two of them.  The larger one has the SAT and tuning and 
regulating tools and the small one contains heavier tools that aren't used 
that often along with some spare felt.

The smaller one is usually left in the van in a Rubbermaid lidded container 
with five more plastic toolboxes and parts boxes, each for a specific 
job.  Also in there are the Spurlock soundboard cleaning tools and other 
cleaning supplies. If I need to remove all my extra tools and supplies from 
the van they all come out in one box, which incidentally says "For 
Recycling" in case anyone seeing it in there gets curious about what's inside.


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