Old Chickering

Michael Wathen 556-9565 Michael.Wathen@UC.Edu
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:31:28 -0500 (EST)

I understand that there was recently some discussion about old
Chickerings.  I have a 6'5" one in my garage.  I believe its
serial number puts it at about 1895.  It is a massive instrument.

It has brass hammer flanges that are bushed.  The hammer shank
recieves the pin in wood and close to that point on the hammer
shank is the drop screw.  The flange rail is metal embedded in a
larger wood rail.  The flanges are secured with machine screws.

I am at a lost with what to do.  In order to retrofit new shanks
from say, Renner I would have to move the location of the metal
rail, moving it closer towards the keyboard and replacing the
larger wood rail.  The location of the the drop screw would in
this case be a lot farther forward also.

I think I would perfer to replace the shanks only and retain the
brass flanges but who makes these wierd shanks?  I also am at a
loss as to what the proper hammer would be.  I would also like to
secure about a dozen or so of those brass flanges but I don't see
them in anybody's catalogue.

Sanderson designed the scale for the entire piano and made the
Bass strings.  His work is quite good.

Michael Wathen

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