Kawai board flat?

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 No> From: Ron Nossaman <nossaman@southwind.net>
 No> Subject: Re: BASS TO TREBLE BRE

 No> Check the soundboard crown with a string and flashlight underneath.
 No> I've found a lot of them flat in this area.
  Do you get an odd muddy sound distortion on a hard blow
 No> in this area along with short duration? <insert sound> When I hear that
 No> sound, I crawl under and check. If it's flat, forget the voicing
 No> problem!
 No> P.S. How do you do a real-time sound attachment to E-Mail?
 No> Ron Nossaman

 Thanks Ron,
 Your description of the tone is very good and describes what I have heard in
 this piano. I will pull a string under the board when I tune her pianos in
 the fall. I will also have her play the offending notes while I push up on
 the board to see if the tone changes. I have tried seating the strings on the
 worst offenders before without any noticeable improvement.

Scott Johnson

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