Bass Break Voicing
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 07:26:12 -0400

Scott Johnson writes;
> Bye the way I have a problem with a teachers Kawai grand that I have done
estimate to do some voicing on. The first 3 or 4 notes above the tenor/treble
plate strut have very bad sustain time when plucked or struck. She has not
mentioned it as a problem but she will no doubt be listening more carefully
after I do the voicing. Any suggestions for me on what I might check to help
these notes sing like their neighbors?
      First,  make sure that she is aware of the tonal deficiency  before you
start! Your work can then be seen as an attempt to improve this situation,
 not as the cause of it if she suddenly "hears something she has never heard
before". ( I hate it when that happens).

Ed Foote

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