Aftertouch Adjustment
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:56:21 -0400

Subj: Aftertouch Adjustment
Date: 96-06-14 20:12:04 EDT

>My question is how do I set the capstan to the proper height?  Do I measure
>from the hammers to the string?  If there is a range of correct settings,
>what would that be?  Yesterday I went too far so I backed them down some
>and it feels alot better but I'd like to set it to a spec and then see how I
>like it.  Are there other adjustments that need to be made due to the
>I'm making with the capstans?

Mitch -
For the short answer, yes; all adjustments are interrelated.

For a longer answer, Steinways, even of the same model, are different one
from another in their leverage; even more so when parts are changed. An
appropriate set of specs will be based on the overall relationship of the
parts to each other. Changing the blow distance will require compensations in
the drop, dip, checking, and repetition springs, at least. Although an inch
and three quarters blow is typical for a Steinway, an appropriate blow
distance for your particular B and an appropriate relationship between the
dip and the blow  will depend upon the height, spacing, and leverage of the
parts used, and the forward-backward postion of the capstan.

As I suggested in a previous post, there's a lot of technical expertise on
this list, and you surely can find some help here, but we don't really have
enough information. What exactly is your piano not doing that you want it to
do? Under what conditions do you notice trouble? Talking about adjustments is
premature without a thorough understanding of the symptoms.

Also, you are looking for race-car performance from a top-quality instrument,
which is not unreasonable. While you may be able to make improvements through
experimentation, and while it does help the technician when the client knows
something about the action's workings, it MAY be unreasonable to expect to
get the most subtle results on your own. After all, you wouldn't HIRE a
technician who had as little experience as you do, and expect first-rate

Please get back to us with details.

Bob Davis

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