humidity control

Les Smith
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:12:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Greg & Mary Ellen Newell wrote:

> I'm just curious. Who of you who cares to respond feels that a
> humidity control device should be sold with every new piano? Does
> every customer with a used piano need one too? Thanks for the time
> taken to respond.
>                 Greg
> Greg & Mary Ellen Newell

Hi, Greg. I suppose that one could certainly make that arguement. On the
opposite side of the coin, however, I tune a number of pianos that are
located in environments which are humidified during the cold, heating-
season months, and air-conditioned during the warm, non-heating-season
months, that prove to be quite stable year-around, without the need for
an auxiliary humidity-control system. Much depends, I guess, upon the
environment in which the piano is going to be placed.  Come to think of
it, even in an environment such as described above, a back-up humidity
control system might not be a bad idea. Last year one of my wealtier
clients, who has four pianos tuned four times a year despite the fact
that no one in the family plays (!), had his air conditioning fail a
week after I had given the pianos their summer tuning. Within 3 days
all 4 pianos went 1/2 step sharp. Perhaps a back-up HCS might have
lessened their response the the increased hunidity level after the AC
failed. As it was, after the AC was repaired, I waited a week and then
went back and retuned all 4 pianos. Yes, I charged him full price--he
can afford it!  :)

Les Smith

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