Renner USA Responds / L. Meyer
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 00:52:04 -0400

from Lloyd Meyer:
> So, we're almost there.  I trust
>this message will not be viewed as too commercial, I just felt you deserved
>response to the questions being raised.  If you find this kind of message
>objectionable, please let me know and it won't be repeated.
Lloyd Meyer
I'm grateful for the presence of manufacturers and suppliers on this board,
and for the product information they provide. Lloyd, Steinway, Kawai, Bill
Spurlock, et al. have always been VERY generous in their support whenever
I've needed it. We piano technicians are a pretty small subset of the world,
and generally know who sells what anyway. Many of us have friends at
manufacturers and suppliers, and are always glad to hear from them. In my
opinion, the suppliers on this list have all been very sensitive to the
difference between the answering of product inquiries and hawking their

Bbob Davis

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