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> On Sun, 9 Jun 1996 EHILBERT@midd.middlebury.edu wrote:
> > Dear David,
> >   I have an action from an 1876 Chickering upright such as you described.
> > The rest of the piano has long ago gone to piano heaven, but I kept the action
> > for the parts.
> > Ed Hilbert, RPT
> >
> Ed, There are probably some technicians who have worked on those old Chick-
> ering uprights who would argue that they don't deserve to go to piano heaven,
> but the OTHER place!
> Les Smith
> lessmith@buffnet.net
Les, Ed and list...

Hell...o...Can anyone tell me a general rule about Chickerings
and other makers that were not designed for A440.  I have had a
few bad experiences with pitch raises and breaking strings on
Chickerings.  I have heard that the correct pitch is printed on
the plate.  One of my bad experiences had no printing...

Thanks in advance...

David ilvedson, RPT
in my former net life i was pnotuner@gnn.com

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