Jim Bryant (FL), Absence from Net

TUNERJIM@aol.com TUNERJIM@aol.com
Sun, 09 Jun 1996 19:56:21 -0400

Welcome back, mon ami:

     I was beginning to think that you had tired of the fray.  Should have
better.  However, while you were gone, and thinking that you had no more
to lead (should have known better :) ), I came up with a couple of ideas for
The first, and the only one I'll bring up now, is keeping a list of most
misspelled words in RPT-dom.  Along with the ever popular <recieve>, I  would
nominate for first place: < they're>, <their>, and <there>.  But, forgive me,
you must
have your own favorites.

     Nice to have you back.


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