Is it worth it?

Horace Greeley
Thu, 06 Jun 1996 08:26:59 -0700

At 07:23 AM 6/6/96 -0600, you wrote:
>I have the opportunity to purchase a bridgeport milling machine for my shop
>for $1000.  The machine is in good shape.  I would appreciate your comments,
>ideas, etc. on the usefulness of this machine in my shop.  Is it worth it?
> Would other equipment be a better purchase?  Any and all info is
>J. Barry

Mr. Barry,

I am sure you'll get a great deal of response on this, so here's my 2 cents

In the years when I had a decent, private shop, my milling machine was the
single most important piece of equipment in it.

Much will depend on how much and what kind of work you do.  The point is,
with a real milling machine, you can make anything else you need.

Things like this are of particular value if you find yourself working on
antique, low-tech pianos (as LaRoy Edwards calls them).

Best, and good luck.


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