Crass Commercialism Rears it's Ugly Head;

Walter Sikora
Mon, 03 Jun 1996 08:42:11 -0400 (EDT)


A guy in Indianapolis used to advertize in the Journal looking for
players, parts, etc .  He was a collector. Name is Jim Brady, 4609
Cranrook Drive Indpl. ,IN 46250  317 849 1469. I have no idea if he's
still around though.

Walter Sikora, RPT

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996 TunerJeff@AOL.COM wrote:

> Dear Folks,
>     After seeing the interesting offerings presented on the List...I'm going
> to heave one in here, too. The following was prepared as a Net-message...
> Subj:	Quest for a home....
> From:	TunerJeff
> To:	Folks looking for an unusual piano.
> Dear Folks,
>      Got the most amazing phone call from a customer recently. Now have a
> most unusual set looking for a home. A reproducing grand with matching roll
> cabinet and 600+  Ampico PlayerRolls in excellent condition.(Owner is an
> interesting type, too. He and three buddies developed a machine for copying
> player rolls for the Shakey's Pizza franchise in California...back when every
> pizza parlor they opened came equipped with a player piano for atmosphere.
> Small world.)
> Here's what the guy has to offer (...I think it's extremely interesting!);
> <<The "legend" behind the piano is that it was commisioned (or simply
> purchased??)
> as a set by the Dunlop Family in the early '20s. (Yup...the tire
> magnate...)>>
> Knabe Reproducing Grand #95041 (Ampico-A  Player Mechanism) 5'6'' length
> Art Case Walnut (very clean) in Louis XIV style. (Rare to be Walnut, more so
> in Art Case) Included are the matching bench and Ampico Roll-Cabinet, same
> finish & style mind-you! ...and more than 600 Ampico player-rolls in superb
> condition.(Including quite a few of those huge long-play monsters).
> The Ampico Roll-Cabinet (decal on inside of door) stands over 4-foot tall,
> 15-inches deep, 27-inches wide and stands on matching legs to bench & piano
> ..and same finish, WOW!
> This has been a set since it's purchase, and dude wants it to stay that way.
> The player mechanism was re-built in the near past...all hoses and tubes
> appear fresh and supple...and it plays beautifully.
> The Knabe nameplate on the keycover is...a gold plaque! Not a decal or inlay.
> Owner's research came up with the idea that only 12 to 14 of these were
> built.
> Overall it's in outstanding condition. (<Hammers & re-stringing would be
> nice>)
> Who would be interested in such a creature?
> Who would purchase such a creature?...not always the same thing, is it?    ;)
> I've been a tuner/technician for 16+ years in various areas and never seen
> such an interesting combination
>      We're currently living at the Edge-of-the-Known-World here, on the
> Oregon Coast I don't think I can find a buyer willing to spend more
> than, oh say....about 50 bucks for it. It's value is more in the 20 to 40K
> range. Suggestions and input would be welcome. I'm just seeking a
> decent home for an unusual set; An Art-Case Reproducing Knabe,
>  Ampico Roll-Cabinet, and 600 player-rolls.
>                                   Thanks for the help,
>                                    Jeffrey T. Hickey
>                          RPT Member; Piano Technicians Guild
>                                    TunerJeff @
>                                       (541) 756-7701

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