answer to: Re: Customer financing for new piano sales
Sat, 01 Jun 1996 16:15:56 -0400

I have been using Beneficial Finance Corp, known as Bencharge. They are very
accomodating, and are willing to work with "small" business like ours. I
don't have their 800 #, but if you will call Linda in the St. Louis office, I
am sure she will be able to help you. Her number is (314) 966-6554.

btw, I used to use Commercial Credit, but they dropped me because I wasn't
generating enough business. I though they meant I wasn't giving them enough
business. But they had a different meaning. Apparently after they would get a
customer paying off theri piano, they would call the customer, and offer to
"sell" them more money. The amount of money my customer would borrow from
them was the guideline used to keep me as a customer. When they told me why I
didn't "qualify" for them any more, I was glad to get "fired". Benchcharge
does the same thimg, (call the customer to see if they need to borrow more
money), but they don't use the lack of getting more business as a deciding
factor to allow me to finance with them.

Willem Blees  RPT
St. Louis

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