Fern and Bill

Clark A. Foerster cfoerster@thegrid.net
Fri, 31 May 1996 17:02:26 -0700

><<".....(this resignation letter) is very disturbing...... In my opinion, Fern
>Henry has been one of the most inspirational, competent, respected, and
>worthwhile leaders the PTG has ever had or will ever have. Bill Spurlock is a
>solid, steady provider of some of the most practical and useful information for
>us as technicians. These two people have provided more time and effort (for YOU
>and ME) than most of us could realize. I can't even begin to imagine what the
>problem could have been or why anyone would go out of their way, especially a
>"Professional" organization like the PTG, to defame their good names.......If
>there is a way to rally behind Bill and Fern, count me in....."
>    John Piesik
>    San Diego Chapter PTG
>   I agree with you 1000%      This is an outrage.

Yes, I believe Fern's excellent leadership continues in her resignation.
For the PTG I see enemies from without (the cultural, societal, consumer
trends leading fewer people to value the piano as a personal possession)
and from within (the exhaustion of a very few leaders, the mostly
well-intentioned but far too passive support given these leaders by the
vast majority, and evidently the bitter rancor of a few who have forgotten
how important simple civility and courtesy is.  Fern worked with uncommon
dedication to try and help bring the PTG into an awareness of new social
and economic realities facing our industry.  I believe her resignation has
the possibility of giving us all excellent reason, if we didn't already
have it, to facing these enemies from within.

Clark Foerster, RPT

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