Tools For Sale

Michael Wathen 556-9565 WATHENMJ@A1.BETA.UC.EDU
Mon, 25 Jul 1994 09:47:00 -0500 (EST)

Kimball, as many of you know has been forced to abandon their
technician education programs that they have offered as seminars
around the country for many years.  They are selling their tool kits
that they used for their regulation classes.  These are quality tools
which come as a set enclosed in a tool roll.  The tools for each set

      combination handle
      duckbill pliers
      capstan wrench
      wire bending pliers
      Grand shank spacer
      key easing pkiers
      needle nose pliers
      another capstan wrench (Baldwin)
      wire bender(backcheck)
      10" tweezers
      12" grand capstan wrench
      damper guide rail easing tool
      6" rule(64ths)
      Steinway spring hook

also with the following tools for combination handle:
      regulating screw
      repetion lever screw
      slotted screw
      spoon bender
      wire bender
      front rail pin adjuster
      balance hole ease

Price: $100 postpaid

Roger Weisensteiner says he has 7 kits left.  He also has waterproof
grand covers that are good quality left over from the '84 Olympics.

For more info contact:
      Roger Weisensteiner (800)-422-1611.

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