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Thomas McNeil
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 4:24 pm EDT (20:24:11 UT)

To Danny Boone
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Hi, Danny -

I don't have a strong personal preference for wither the old or the new paper.
But I am strongly persuaded by all the arguments Larry Goldsmith advances in
his response to a correspondent in the Letters column of the July PTJ. [That
should have been "either", not "wither". Sorry.  Easier to explain than edit
with this archaic e-mail program.]

  For busy people, there is no such thing as a convenient time for a
  vacation.  That being so, take a vacation exactly when you want to;
  and let the chips fall where they will, since chips are going to
  fall in any case.                     - Wm. F. Buckley, Sr.

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