Length of Sharps

Richard Brekne ricb at pianostemmer.no
Thu Jun 19 02:42:07 MDT 2008

Hi Paul.

I'm guessing its not an option for you to personally go and make the 
necessary measurements. So fill me (us) in a bit here. Are the keys sent 
in by a tech or by the customer ? You cant ascertain the back end of the 
keys by old glue marks ? Why is that ? Have the  tops been removed and 
the wood pre-prepared for you or something like that ?

Worst case is not a big problem me thinks.  That would be they are too 
long and need to be filed down after installation. But you could get 
whomever sent these to you to put the action back in with the fall board 
in place and simply measure out from the balance rail pins how far you 
need to be. You can only do so much from afar to assure proper fit yes 
?  If you do what you can.... then the end responsibility for final 
fitting is the person what sent them to you.

Just inform the person of the problem and take a positive "we'll figure 
this out" track... for a little extra fee then usual if it ends up 
causing you extra work.

Richard Brekne

        A set of keys from a 1942 Steinway L arrived in the shop for new
        whites and sharps.  All the original tops are GONE!...that
        includes the sharps.  What I  an find to measure is 3 ½".  I
        checked on a 1969 Steinway M and they measure 3 5/8".  Ebony
        sharps from the vendors measure 3 ¾".  Steinway  & Sons were not
        helpful.  Does anyone have an early 1940's L handy to measure
        them for me?  My concern is the distance between the back of the
        sharp to the fall board.  All I have is the keys .Please!!

        Thank you to all.

        BTW. Thank you for your responses to my pin block question. 
        I'll take the advice(s) to the piano and determine the best
        approach, then report back to

        Paul C

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