Machine Threads in Pinblock, was WD-40, now plate screws!

Farrell mfarrel2 at
Wed Jun 18 06:49:56 MDT 2008

Ditto. Except that I've glued in maple plugs when the original hole is 
larger diameter than my new set screws. Probably overkill. Whatever.

Terry Farrrell

> Holes filled with epoxy/wood flour, drilled 5/16", no tapping. I've tried 
> "tapping" by running a 3/16x16 rod in and out before the bolts go in, but 
> it eats the threads off grade 2 all thread pretty quickly. A sacrificial 
> set screw, or long grade 8 bolt will work, or just run each bolt straight 
> into the hole, mostly out, and in again. Leaves them tight but movable.
>> I was able to get these screws, acorn nuts, etc at my local /Fastenal. / 
>> One inch round brass stock as well for mass loading.  I mention this for 
>> others, as there are supposedly 4000 of these stores in the
>>  U. S., so you may just be able to run down the street instead of mail 
>> ordering.   Lots of other stuff there that us weird piano rebuilders 
>> might use or adapt, and they have a huge catalog.
> Looks like $3.96 each at Fastenal. MSC has them at $91.56 per hundred. If 
> you plan on doing more than one, less than 1/4 the price is worth mail 
> order. I'll be ordering another box soon. Now if I could just find some 
> neat looking cap nuts at a similar price. FWIW, I think standard acorn 
> nuts are fairly ugly, and everything I've seen so far that wasn't has been 
> over $4 each.
>> Also, these 3/8” screws miked out at .369 instead of the .375 that 3/8” 
>> works out to.  Does that differ from your stock?
> I get 0.371". Plenty close enough for me.
> Ron N

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