Is this a Craig's List scam??? ( Somebody wants to send me $4, 800 for a Kimball. )

Euphonious Thumpe lclgcnp at
Tue Jun 17 10:26:20 MDT 2008

( Although I've already told them it's a Steinway, and sent photos!!!)
( I'm 99% sure it's  scam, but how would this scam work??? )

Hello Euphonious Thumpe  ,
 Thanks for the informations about the kimball piano and am okay with the said price you want to sell it for me $2500. 
 I want you to understand that my mode of payment is by cheque.My client in the state will issue out the bank check of $4,850 to you and after you have banked the cheque cleared into your account the  you will kindly deduct the cost price for the kimball piano and send the remaning cash to the shipper who will come and pick up the kimball piano to my destination asap.I want you to send me this requested informations where the cheque will sent to such as follow:
 Your Full name
 Full contact address
 Your Mobile phone number
 As soon as this details is provided to me you will surely recieve the payment for the kimball piano ontime cos i need it very urgent.Do get back to me asap.
Blessing Williams


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