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The left hand concerto your right! I think it will make a ice audition piece for the Philadelphia orchestra... :-)
Just having a few breaks now and again, since my piano gives me the willies with how it sounds! (in a good way)

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The G or D Alicia?  It must his concerto for the left hand.  How else can you practice that and type on here at the same time.
MatthewA E <eve_ane at> wrote:

Truce it is Tom :-)  Alicia --Practicing Ravels Concerto-- Evans   

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Thank you. As alway's the sage Guru of the group.
Alicia--Truce ?
    Tom --Let's mend the fences --Driscoll

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Hey, Alicia....please calm down. No one on this list, least of all my friend Tom Driscoll, is trying to make fun of you or disrespect you. We are colleagues, not adversaries. You need to remember this always when you post here. 
We don't know you, who you are, what your history is, where you're really coming from---nothing. Right in your posts, you assume a whole bunch of stuff that isn't necessarily real or true at all. Your senior colleagues are merely pointing that out in a loving way. Relax. You're new, feisty, and reactive. Just like I was. Welcome to the list, girl.
David Andersen
Malibu, California
eternally grateful for this Pianotech community

On Jun 4, 2008, at 10:36 AM, A E wrote:
Thats not quite fair to say, I'm far from "knowing everything" as you say, and I claim that i Mostly know nothing... which in reality is how it is I have much more to learn and much more to gain.. HOWEVER, i do have some experience, and as i previously said my grandmother devoted her life to reduilding/making pianos... So what i say doesnt just come out of the blu...Please think before you make such statements as they are highly offencive Tom... Alicia

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 12:18:07 -0400From: tomtuner at verizon.netSubject: WAS SAMICK IS CRAP-NOW YOUNG TECH somewhat OTTo: pianotech at

Sorry., last post went off incomplete.
To all,
    In reviewing recent  pianotech postings I just discovered that our new contributer is  18 years old.
    I understand her statements now because I too knew everthing when I was 18.
Now that I'm 55 It seems more and more apparent--especially to those who know me best --That I know nothing of consequence and somehow it's getting worse.
    18 ? I have clothes older than 18.
Tom -Just having some fun --Driscoll

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