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Richard Brekne Richard.Brekne@grieg.uib.no
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 09:34:09 +0200

Not unusual really. DC's cant completely solve the humidity gambit. I dont
know about Canada, but here we've had an unusually warm and humid summer
season. Every piano I run into has reacted more then usual, including all
the DC kept units I've placed around. 11 cents sharp is not a huge move by
any means, especially when its confined to the lowest notes in one or two

My 2 bits


Clyde Hollinger wrote:

> Friends,
> I'm back after a two-week vacation to the Canadian Maritime provinces.
> Nice trip!
> One of my tuning jobs today was a Kawai UST-8 with a complete
> Dampp-Chaser system, a piano I've been tuning annually since 1995, in an
> elementary school.  Even though the system seemed to be working properly
> (the dehumidifier was cranking out the heat), the tenor plain strings
> were up to 11c sharp, making a pretty nasty sounding piano -- before I
> tuned it, of course!
> Here's my two best guesses why this was so.  Either the piano was
> unplugged all summer and recently plugged in, or the tank got empty and
> was just recently filled.  The teacher wasn't there for me to ask.  Both
> would have the same effect, methinks.
> Long shot guesses would be that it's just been too humid for the piano
> to keep after, or that the system isn't working properly.  Thoughts?
> Personal notes:  I developed tendonitis in my tuning lever shoulder two
> weeks before vacation.  I didn't go to the doctor, since I thought it
> would have time to heal while vacationing.  It didn't.  This morning I
> tore a muscle in my right leg calf, which hurt pretty much, so I went to
> the doctor and we discussed both problems.  He wants me on crutches, but
> we can't do that because of the shoulder, so I hobble pretty badly as I
> walk.  I'll be starting physical therapy for the shoulder later this
> week.  All while trying to do four weeks' worth of tuning in two!  Fun,
> fun!
> Regards,
> Clyde Hollinger, RPT
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Richard Brekne
UiB, Bergen, Norway

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