Electric Shank Bender

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That way I can buy it by the case.
Susan Jolly

John M. Ross
Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
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> >You can use either the electric bending pliers or an alcohol lamp (passed
> >rapidly along the shank, don't let it sit still) with success if you are
> >careful.
> Since nobody's mentioned it yet, I'll say that I like to use the heat gun
that Pianotek sells (don't remember the brand) for this task.
> >...........
> >I have had good success with the pliers on brittle old shanks by using
> >alcohol first. Dampen a small foam (throw-away) brush with a few drops of
> >vodka -- it takes very little, and more would run down and ruin the butt
> >leather -- then swab the shank quickly with it. ....
> >Susan
> Susan,
> I notice that you seem to use vodka for many tasks.  You must have a good
supply of it around.  Now why would that be? <G>
> Phil Ford
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