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> The one thing that comes to my mind is fitting the hammer to the string.
>You mention string leveling but be sure when the block the hammers against
>the string, nothing rings through. That could involve some hammer
>travelling, hammer shanks that have twisted a little, plus the hammer
>filing itself.
>   I'm sure you've probably checked and double checked these things, but
>just in case.......
>   Good luck. I'll be interested to hear what the final solution is.

Hi Everett and Pianotech,
   I know what a high level technician you are and again you have probably
checked, but  the first thing I check when I hear a strange noise in the
shift position is to block the hammer to the string in the fully shifted
position and then check for open strings even though I have already fit them
in the unshifted position. Often they need some adjustment especially if I
have been voicing near the crown because the needles can change the surface
of the hammers. Usually I find the problem in the lower treble section though
and not in the top octave and a half so maybe it is something else. Hmmmm?
Doug Hershberger, RPT

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