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Sun, 30 Jun 1996 15:58:02 -0400


In regards to charging a dealer for "out of town visit", here are two ideas.
First, the dealer had to pay the delivery men to take the piano out there.
Did the dealer ask these men to do their work at a discount? I don't think
so. They were paid to sit in a truck, and watch the scenery go by, both ways.
Therefore, I wouldn't give the dealer a discount, especially since this is an
out of town job.

While you should be paid for your time to get there, what's there to prevent
you from taking you time getting back, stopping for dinner, looking up an old
friend, etc.   Therfore, perhaps you should charge only for your time to get
there, and not coming back.

How much should you charge? Several years ago Joel Rapport told me he charges
$1 per mile, one way to the customer, but not for the return trip.  You
should be able to figure out about how much your time is worth, including the
wear and tear on your car, to get to the customer. Then charge your normal
fee for tuining and repair. If you tell the dealer up front, he will
appreciate knowing what your bill will be.

Have fun. Take some good tapes along for your enjoyment out in the "boonies".

Willem Blees  RPT
St. Louis

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