Curious Conrad & SD6s

Conrad Hoffsommer
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 12:53:46 -0500 (CDT)


First off, thanks to those who responded to my Weber fallboard
query. I'll take these things and ponder them in my heart,
probably chatting with several of you at Dearborn, before I return
to the customer's just before school starts again.

I have the great good fortune to care for 2 SD-6 Baldwins - 1 ea.
at two colleges.

They definitely are not identical.

The older (1962) has a 37" lid prop, while the other (1964) and
the SD10s I work on have 31". None of them seem to need any more
lids, top or bottom, to be heard. Being short armed and altitude
challenged, that long stick sure makes me stretch. Was the long stick
the normal then or was it a special?

The older one also has the Renner action with easily removable
let-off dowel mounting strips. I definitely like that feature!!
Didn't have to fight the dowels to set the jack in the window.
Made the regulation faster.

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