Steinway Teflon: are you experienced? -Reply

David Graham U40DCG1@WPO.CSO.NIU.EDU
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 09:51:32 -0500

When I came to NIU, I was faced with 51 Steinways,49 of which had
teflon bushings. Be sure to use only center pins from S&S, which are
polished on both ends.  I had to repin all 49 actions (yep,every pin)
because my predecessor had used regular center pins and cut them
off.If you have used the largest available pin (20 1/2), then replace the
bushing and glue size the wodden part (flange, jack,or rep lever).
I had to redo the teflon centers once more (wear &tear) before we
finally put the money together to replace the actions-I have about 11
pianos left to do.  I have used the phenomenon you describe when faced
with a tight center pin.  After putting parts back together, swing the part
a dozen times.  If the gram reading remains the same, you should be ok. It
is time consuming work, but the piano will probably play better than it did
when new- although new parts sure are nice! Good luck
David Graham

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