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John Musselwhite
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 22:36:24 -0600

At 03:11 PM 27/06/96 -0500, Avery  wrote:

>>This is just a reminder that piano technicians have our own live chat
>>channel on the Undernet called "#pianotech". The Undernet is part of "Inter
>>We have set up Tuesday evenings from about 21:00 EDT to midnight as a time
>>for us to meet. All are welcome.
>>We're hoping to see some of you there tonight (Tuesday)!

>   Boy, talk about the mail getting lost. I just received this message
>about 2:00 PM on *Thursday*!! Hope everyone had a good time.

Mea culpa... I wrote that for NEXT week and hit the "Send" button out of
habit... B-})

Lets see if I remember to send it next week! BTW, the channel is always open
so there could be someone there at any time. Just check and see.


John Musselwhite, RPT
Calgary, Alberta Canada

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