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Avery Todd ATodd@UH.EDU
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 15:11:45 -0500

   Boy, talk about the mail getting lost. I just received this message
about 2:00 PM on *Thursday*!! Hope everyone had a good time.

>Hi Folks.
>This is just a reminder that piano technicians have our own live chat
>channel on the Undernet called "#pianotech". The Undernet is part of "Inter
>Relay Chat" (IRC) and is available to most people with internet access these
>days. All you need to join us is an IRC chat "client" such as mIRC or
>Netscape Chat and a ppp internet connection.
>We have set up Tuesday evenings from about 21:00 EDT to midnight as a time
>for us to meet. All are welcome.
>We're hoping to see some of you there tonight (Tuesday)!
>                        John
>John Musselwhite, RPT
>Calgary, Alberta Canada

Avery Todd, RPT
Moores School of Music
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-4893

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