Help! Need a tech in Wheaton, IL.
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 02:23:08 -0400

Dear Folks,
     Have a customer relocating to Wheaton, Illinois. Need some referances
for tuners, and need somebody to unpack her Nice
lady absolutely will NOT allow mover-types to set-up her piano, and I'm
securing the hammers (with a dowel & Twist-ties.) to lock the hammer-flanges
& keys for the long-distance move.

     Most of you guys are aware that factories also bind the action down for
shipping, I suppose... but folks who don't unpack pianos for dealers don't
see this. It's a simple way to protect the action from harm; The hammers are
secured from swinging by laying a 1/2round-dowel (mine has a foam-piece
running the length of it...) across the hammer-line and then simply using
twine or twist-ties, around it and the action brackets or hammer-rest rail,
to keep it there. When the piano has it's legs removed, and it's placed on
the skidboard (or grand-sled for you ol'-timers), the hammers can be swinging
in the breeze and subjected to a great deal of sidewise torsion without this
being done. A second benefit is that this actually locks the keys & whippens,
too.(If I was shipping out of the country, I'd put a similiar foam-backed
restraint along the dampers-heads.)

     She does not want to pull the action herself, and does not think movers
are qualified to mess with her "baby"  either. So... back to the original

Can I please get a suggested tuner/tech in Wheaton, Illinois to set-up this
Kawai KG3?
Will need to set-up the creature from the skidboard (custom-built...check-out
those myrtle-wood runners!) and pop the restraint from the action. Any help
is appreciated!
Lady will settle for a qualified moving outfit to set it up...but that
hammer-restraint wants a techie-type (...unless the movers are well-aquainted
with dealer work and do this regularly. Would be a hard-sell to the Lady,

Jeffrey T. Hickey RPT
TunerJeff @
(541) 756-7701

ps- It's a 6-foot, for those who don't know the Kawai model-numbers. And
Kawais tend to be...uh... quite sturdily built. Yeah..that's it! They don't
weigh a ton for their size! Nope. They were simply very (very) thorough in
their construction techniques. Oooooofff!
It's quite a nice piano, and the lady takes good care of it. Thanks again.

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