Weber fallboard

John Musselwhite
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 18:23:27 -0600

>Problem:  Weber 6' grand seems to display an amazing propensity
>to drop the fallboard on piano teacher's students' hands.
>It is the oriental type Weber w/weighted back.
>I'm considering retrofitting some kind of spring/catch into
>the case to have it _firmly_ held in place.
>Anybody out there dealt with this problem and found a viable,
>also invisible, solution. Don't really want an eyehook/bungie
>cord look.

More than one of my customers has used small self-stick velcro pads to keep
the fallboard up. It's not pretty when it's down, but with most teachers
it's NEVER down!


John Musselwhite, RPT
Calgary, Alberta Canada

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