Wed, 12 Jun 1996 08:17:59 -0400

>from Newton Hunt:
>>Saturday I tuned a 1975 Knabe 5'6" (or so) that the customer complained of
>>having buzzes in the middle.I finished tuning and then decided to lower
>>tension of the worst offender (C5) to see what I could see.
>>Bridge pins were tight so I left the strings unbridged
>>and raised the tension and 'loe and beholde' the string did not
>>touch the bridge at all and there was a decided gap of about .020" at the
>>front of the bridge and maybe .005" at the back of the bridge.
>>I had heard such noises before and had heard of rolled bridges but I had
>>never seen such until now.  The church is not interested in sinking money
>>of that magnitude into this piano, and I concur.

Is this piano still covered by a warrantee?
Crown? Check w/ thread?
Are strings pulling up, giving false reading?
Try a thread stretched from pressure bar to plate ridge.
This will give best reading on down/up bearing.
Side bearing OK?
Plate secure? I've seen plates rising as much as 1/4 in.,
especially uprights.
I just worked on a '70's Knabe console where the board
and plate lifted from the back along the bottom.
That caused bearing problems. After replacing plate screws
w/ carraige bolts the tension even came back up.
Buzz sampling:
          Baseboard radiators, pictures, lamps, wall decorations,
          venetian blinds, case screws, lid locks (spring in mech,
          or against mortise), glue flakes on rim under board or in
          nose bolt holes. Bridge loose on board - bass/treb ends...
          (I wouldn't be surprised if the bridge is touching the plate).
          Is bridge notch deep enough leaving bridge pins?

I got a million of 'em.
Good Luck
Jon Page
Cape Cod. Mass

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