Case restoration

Barb Barasa
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 08:22:08 -0500

Last year I tuned a reproducing M&H grand with an art-carved case, one of
only a few which were created in Italy, which was restored locally (outside
of Chicago).  A friend helped with the action work, but I was at the shop
where it was restored.  I'll try to track down the name of the place for you.

>I got a call from a museum in another state about restoring an old
>Kimball grand piano that belonged to some famous family.  In addition
>to the technical restoration it needs, the case needs refinishing, veneer
>repair and replacement etc.
>Who does this kind of case work REALLY well.  They will ship the piano
>wherever it needs to go for this.  The main consideration is quality of
>the work.  Please help me with some suggestions.
>David M. Porritt, RPT
>Meadows School of the Arts
>Southern Methodist University
>Dallas, Texas

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