Mon, 10 Jun 1996 15:28:20 -0400


The fact that it was April and was changing should not make any difference.
 It should have remained stable.

The fact that the customer is still using water says the humidifier pads are
ok.  This is normally the primary cause for stability going away.

How is the humidistat installed?  What is  its location?  Is it upside down
with the edge close to the soundboard and is it 6 to 12 inches from the
humidifier?  Is the humidifier installed between the beams?  Can you expect a
reasonable air flow  around the humidifier tank?

What power level dehumidifier rods are currently installed?  Your thinking of
installing another rod suggests that the piano is going sharp. You may need
another dehumidifier but that's not where I would start.  From what I can
tell of your message, it sounds like you have made a good installation.
 Answers to the above questions will provide more information and we can then
tell more.  I would not disconnect the humidifier during the summer. Very
little water comes off it without heat from the heater bar and pads
deteriorate much more quickly if they become dry.

As a last comment, let me refer you to a detailed aswer/comment by Randy
Potter several months ago. He said that before he does anything to a piano he
tightens or at least checks the tightness of the plate bolts.  This may or
may not help but I offer it none the less.

Bob Mair,

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