Newton Hunt
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 11:06:23 -0400

Dear List,

Saturday I tuned a 1975 Knabe 5'6" (or so) that the customer complained of
having buzzes in the middle.

Initially I could not hear anything grossly amiss but as I tuned it I began
to hear soft buzzing sounds that sounded much like something light on the
soundboard or something touching the board.

I checked for or did the following;
    bearing, positive with middle leg near front bridge pins
    bearing, no bearing with middle leg near back bridge pins
    seating of strings on bridge and plate
    loose bridge pins
    leveled strings
    moved strings left and right in agraffe
    cracks in sound board, none at all
    loose ribs, none at all
    looseness around rim, none at all
    DamppChaser rattles or touching sb, not
    banging about for any looseness, no unusual noises

I finished tuning and then decided to lower tension of the worst offender (C5)
to see what I could see.  Bridge pins were tight so I left the strings
unbridged and raised the tension and 'loe and beholde' the string did not
touch the bridge at all and there was a decided gap of about .020" at the
front of the bridge and maybe .005" at the back of the bridge.

I had heard such noises before and had heard of rolled bridges but I had never
seen such until now.  The church is not interested in sinking money of that
magnitude into this piano, and I concur.

But, something my wife said got me to thinking about some possible solutions.
    1.   I have some metal bridge repair thingies that I could place on the
         bridge to replace the bridge pins.
    2    I could cut some hardwood wedges, .030" to .010" and wide enough
         to fit between the front and rear bridge pins.
    3.   An old trick taught me by someone, placing caning reed under the
         string behind the front pins.

I think there had been several tuners there without finding the problem
because all of a sudden I have been invited to tune the pastors personal piano
and the other pianos in the church.  A nice little gig for me.

This is a pretty but an unworthy piano, but the subject may be of interest.


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