hammer/string interaction

Vince Mrykalo REEVESJ@ucs.byu.edu
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 11:19:09 +0000 (MST7MDT)

On  5 Jun 96 ,Stephen Birkett wrote re: hammer/string interaction;

The transfer of energy from hammer to string is actually quite
inefficient (as are most mechanical energy transfers). The heavy
hammer interaction is actually *less* efficient in energy transfer,
since the hammer must be accelerated away by the string...light
hammers require less energy to push them away, thus leaving more in
the vibrating string.

But that is proportional.  Since a heavier hammer imparts more energy
into the string initially, but takes more from the string as it
rebounds than a lighter hammer does, the net energy the string gets
from the heavier hammer might still be greater than it gets from a
lighter hammer.  One thing that would be interesting from this type
of study would be to find out the optimal weight of a hammer for a
particular size and tension of string.

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