The Ranks of Discontent

Larry Fisher
Sat, 01 Jun 1996 08:08:28 -0800

RE: Fern and Bill

All the posts I've read from this group regarding the sad proceedings of
Fern Henry's resignation, are right on the money, in my opinion.  Both of
them have tried their best to provide the highest form of information
presentation on a usually dry subject matter, in a way that is useful and
easy to digest.  I enjoy going to their classes at the seminars.

Fern's been getting a lot of traffic from some discontented people.  No
doubt Bill's email filled to overflowing due to some amateur spamming
scheme.  The energy here is wrong.

So far from what I've been able to see and hear from those involved, this
issue is passionate and emotional.  It's not critical.  It's not life
threatening.  It's the fruit of gang/mob mentallity.  A few people get an
idea, they work like salespeople to sell their idea to others, others start
working in that direction, and the energy spreads.  So far, that I know of,
it hasn't gotten too much further than Minnesota.  The main beef I guess is
the way Vision 2000 was put together and what it cost to print and mail per
zone.  One person, I'm told, complained about a mispelled word on one of the
pages.  So far, I haven't heard anything that warrants legal action and the
expense of putting together a special council meeting to stroke ruffled
feathers.  I'll keep my ears and mind open to anything new.

If the cost of putting together a document is the problem here, the cost of
overcoming discontent will far exceed that, especially when you consider the
loss of income, phone calls, legal action, lost sleep, bickering, and the rest.

There's a proper way to voice one's discontent and a proper way to send and
receive criticism.  Spamming, shouting matches, abusive treatment and the
rest are not proper and serve only to satisfiy the personal agendas of the

People have the right to settle their discontent and disagreements in any
fashion they choose.  When it starts affecting my life, and the thousands of
others that have a potential loss of quality enhancement, I'm gonna get up
outa my chair and start swingin', kicking butts, and takin' names.

If you want to keep the quality of the guild in an upward trend, you've got
to help with this issue.  Contact your local guild to get details.


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