Scheduling Methods

Thomas D. Seay
Mon, 18 Jul 1994 08:59:04 +0000

At the University of Texas, we have a Musical Activities Office, staffed by
two full-time employees whose many responsibilities include scheduling
recital, rehearsal and tuning times in our our 3 recital venues, several
secured practice rooms, organ rooms, classrooms, and any other places which
are accessible to faculty, students and piano technicians. This is
accomplished by means other than computers; not an ideal arrangement by any
means, but the two people we have in the Musical Activities Office are
extremely competent and things generally go pretty smoothly. Macintosh
computers are used extensively throughout the School of Music, including the
Piano Technicians Office (we are stuck with a very slow Mac Plus and an even
slower printer. It ain't too high tech, but it works-kind of).

Speaking of computers in the Piano Technicians office, what kinds of records
do you all keep on your office computers and what software do you use? We
piano technicians at U.T. keep general records of when our pianos have had or
need: (1) action reconditioning or parts replacement, (2) major
rebuilding-restringing, case refinishing, etc., and (3) repairs which will
need to be done soon, in order to anticipate future parts ordering, etc. For
our office memos, letters, etc., we use MS Word 5.0 and for recordkeeping,
FileMaker Pro.

Dave Porritt of SMU writes:
                        Unfortunately the Arts school has an all macintosh network.

Dave, there are legions of us who regurlarly use Macintosh computers who
don't consider ourselves as being the slightest bit "unfortunate". After all,
it could be much worse--we could be running "Windoze" (grin).

Tom Seay
The University of Texas at Austin

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