Software for Scheduling

Michael Wathen 556-9565 WATHENMJ@A1.BETA.UC.EDU
Fri, 15 Jul 1994 10:09:00 -0500 (EST)

I would like to hear from as many college technicians as possible with
regards to the following dilema.  We schedule over a thousand events
yearly here at CCM.  They have up until now done all scheduling non
electronically and are presently exploring options for software
that will do the job for them.

The latest idea is that they will rely on the University VAX network's
smorgasborg of site liscensed software.  The university's computer
people are experimenting with a program called "Recital" which is a
program similar to D-Base.

My feeling is that it is far more prudent to buy dedicated software for
scheduling rather than adapt your needs to a catchall program like
D-Base.  Afterall, thats the way business generally operates.  For
example: the pharmacy that I use employs a program called "Parm Ease".
It was developed and is supported only for this particular
application.  I think it would be a nightmare if they had bought Lotus
or D-Base and tried to make it work for their needs.

How does your school handle scheduling.  Whats the name of the
program, is it a local or a vax type system?  Are they happy?

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