Help with Upright Steinway Sostenuto

Israel Stein
Sun Aug 10 20:39 MDT 1997

At 04:45 PM 8/10/97 -0500, Vanderhoofven wrote:
>At 09:14 AM 8/10/97 -0700, Israel Stein wrote:
>>The lip of the rod should be 1/16" below the felt tabs. Adjust it by
>>shimming the rod brackets up and down on the keybed. 
>Is it acceptable to adjust the height of the sostenuto rod by loosening the
>screw that holds it tight, moving the bracket up and down and then
>retightening the screw?  Or is it preferred to shim the rod bracket up and
>down on the keybed?  I already tried to make an adjustment by loosening the
>screw, adjusting and retightening.

It's been a few years, so I don't remember what the bracket looks like - or
if it is designed for that type of adjustment. (Or if it's been redesigned,
for that matter...) It's possible that you caused the teflon bushing to
squeak by doing what you did (you might have changed the pressure exerted
on the bushing by the bracket). Teflon is very unforgiving. A little too
tight - and it squeaks or freezes. Too loose - and it rattles, or doesn't
keep the rod in place... 

>I will call and order some more teflon bushings to see if that will help

I bet if you just make a cloth bushing and toss the teflon, you'll save
yourself lots of hassle. That's what I ended up doing... (but I carry
around spare teflon sostenuto rod bushings just in case...)

>If I did bend the sostenuto rod, (or if it was already bent), how can
>I tell?

Take it out and sight down it from one end - or put it next to a known

> How tight should the brackets be?  Tight
>enough to hold but still loose enough for the rod to turn?

That about covers it... 

>By the way, I did some more thinking... are the metal wires that hold the
>felt tabs adjustable by screwing them in and out like back check wires?  If
>so, I can probably screw them out further to catch on the rod lip.

Yes you should be able to do that. But if you have to twist them all out,
why not just raise the rod?  

Israel Stein