Keith A. McGavern
Sat Aug 9 17:24 MDT 1997

Helloo caut,

I had a most unique experience today that I must share with you.

Earlier today, I went to do some before-school-starts-up type tunings at
the university that I have been involved with for 19 plus years.  Put the
ole handy dandy master key that I have been using all that time (the same
master key my Dad used for years prior to me taking over) to gain access to
this one building with approximately 40 pianos, and doesn't
work!  Come to find out all the outside door locks had been changed.  I
ended up calling security, and they graciously let me in for the day.

What a neat twist in one of many I have had today.  Needless to say maybe,
but the word "access" has taken on a brand new meaning in my life   :-)

Thank you for being,

Keith A. McGavern, RPT
Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA